Cassandra's Joy in Understanding the Bible Better

Does the Bible offer answers to the questions we have about the Christian faith? If so, how can we understand it and it’s Author better? 
Read Cassandra’s experience of joy as she started to understand the Bible better through the Explore Course.

“I started studying Explore while I was still quite lost. I did not understand what it meant to be a Christian other than going to church. I was ignorant of the basic Christian doctrines of like Salvation, Justification, and many others. In my quest to understand more about the Christian faith, I started reading the Bible and was introduced to Explore from a friend who highly recommended studying it.

As I read the first module, Explore the Bible, I was amazed! Being able to know and to understand that the Bible tells one story from the Old to the New Testament was fascinating to learn. I started to understand the Bible better. When I read the Bible now, I know that I am reading about God and his character. This helps me to understand what the passages are saying as I unlearn the false teachings that I sat under earlier in my Christian walk.

The Explore Course has completely changed the way I read the Bible and apply it to myself. Through personal and group study, I have learnt how to read the Bible in its context while keeping in mind that everything written in it points to Jesus. I am no longer reading the Bible just for the sake of it or picking verses at random and arriving to the meaning of the text in isolation to the rest of the Bible. I am now able to see Jesus as I read through the different pages and stories of the Bible and this has helped to deepen my relationship with and trust in him.

As my relationship with Jesus deepened, the gravity of my sin became clearer to me and the work of Jesus on the cross became more beautiful to me. As a disciple of Jesus, I have a growing desire for other people to also have a relationship with him using the tools I have been equipped with through Explore.

I am grateful to be learning daily and to see progress in my faith. Words are not enough to describe just how much God has done for me through the Explore Course- he has helped me to see him as he reveals himself in his Word. My eyes have been and continue to be opened to his greatness and holiness as he grows me in my faith.”

– Cassandra Jepkoech- Medical Student, Mount Kenya University, Thika

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