Transforming Africa through the study of God’s Word

 Our vision is not only to take the gospel to Africa ourselves, but to also equip more and more Christians in Africa to explore the Bible for themselves, live out its truth, and share its good news.


As a powerful discipleship tool, more and more of Africa’s church leaders (from every denomination and stream) are discovering the life, and world-changing transformation that comes from exploring God’s Word for themselves, then helping others to do the same. Thousands of lives in multiple countries have so far been impacted by Explore.


First created in 1995, Explore is a discipleship course originating from George Whitefield College in Cape Town. It was created by Rev. Dr David Seccombe and revised with a team of GWC Faculty members to provide easier understanding for distance learners in 2015.

Visit Explore’s founding organisation site, George Whitefield College.

Course Material

Explore consists of eight 12-week modules that have been uniquely created in Africa, for Africa. It aims to empower Christians throughout the continent to deepen their knowledge of God, their love for his Word and their understanding in his unfolding plans for the world. Click here for more info.

Our Vision


We aim to establish more regional hubs to create a supportive structure throughout Africa. We currently have hubs in six regions.


In 2022 we are translating the modules titled “Explore the Work of the Apostles” and “Explore the World’s Creator” into seven languages and plan to reproduce the original material. 


Tech advancements allow us to expand our reach and stay in touch with facilitators in remote areas. For example, thanks to a hand-held device that provides ‘internet in a box’ functions, we can connect to previously inaccessible areas.


By 2030, we aim to reach the majority of countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. In 2022 we will be extending Explore in Zambia and introducing it to Eswatini and South Sudan. 

“I was a child of God that didn’t know the Word of God. The Explore course equipped me with an understanding of what the Bible really says.”

- Explore Student

“After spending decades reading the Bible in bits — and battling to understand how those bits all fitted together — I jumped at the opportunity to do a course that takes you through the whole Bible. From the first day, I started to get a clearer understanding – it’s so well laid out and easy to follow.”

- Explore Student

“The Explore course has given me an eternal perspective and a greater understanding of just how much God has done for me.”

- Explore Student

“Now I understand so much that was never clear to me before. I highly recommend the course for anybody who wants to understand their Bible better.”

- Explore Student