A  snapshot of Explore’s recent trip to The Nuba Mountains and South Sudan

Amidst a hot climate, dusty dirt roads, and a scenic view in a low-flying twin-prop engine plane (among other extremely bumpy 4×4 roads and travels in between), Nevil Carrington returned from his November trip to the Nuba Mountains and South Sudan with much success and excitement about the growth and opportunity for the Explore Correspondence Course in the South and Central Sudan region.

Keeping in mind the mission of Explore to equip more and more Christians to explore the Bible for themselves the trip was challenging, and we believe it will bear fruit for the Kingdom of God. It’s through trips like this one, where the rubber hits the road (quite literally), that the hearts of Africa are set alight by the living, active Word of God. Below we share some of the top highlights from the trip.

Training 24 eager delegates of the Nuba Mountains

Upon arrival at the church where our training was to be held, the facilities were available for us to show videos on a borrowed projector through the Explore portable projector and sound box. There were no tables on which students could write but they seemed to manage, often going outside, and sitting under a tree.

We had 24 delegates, mostly from the Sudan Church of Christ, the predominant church in that part of Nuba. The training was very difficult because, although all the delegates spoke English, they found Nevil’s accent challenging however, with a heart to push through every delegate attended the full three days of training and were preparing their own lessons by then as well.

Please continue to pray for these eager delegates in Nuba, as they gather again with Rev. Yassir on 19th December 2022 at which time they will have completed the module and will have questions answered.

An honour to preach in the Sunday church service

On the Sunday, Nevil was invited to preach in the church, which was different in several ways. “When we started there were about 50 people in the church but by the time, I came to preach there were well over 200,” explains Nevil.

“They have no band and different members of the congregation play various musical instruments, the most well-known being the tambourine while others would use to pieces of metal pushed together with some form of metal stones rattling in between, another would play the drum which was an empty plastic water container and a piece of wood. A further variation was a piece of pipe and a large metal screw. The music was very Arabic but there were enough joyful hearts singing praise to God that even I joined in,” he said.

The Apostolic Creed was recited by everyone in the church, off by heart and the offering produced some first fruits – quite literally!

An eye-opening encounter with those in need and a God who provides

The next day, Nevil visited an orphanage that the organization he was dealing with, Answer The Call, were working with. They hosted 75 orphans from ages 5 to 15 years old from a neighboring state where the Sudanese army had destroyed their village and brought then to Kauda where there was an empty government school building which they obtained permission to use.

Sometimes using the dormitory as a classroom where they learn about Christianity, and the South Sudanese curriculum in English.

Nevil explains, “I chatted to some of the older boys and was extremely impressed. They have received 100 mattresses for these kids but do not have the $ 1000 to ship them from Juba to Kauda.”

It’s eye-opening to encounter the vast need in rural Africa, while watching how a Mighty God reaches His hand out to those who will cry out to Him. God is a good Father, our Provider, and He cares greatly for the least of these.

A Meeting with Garang, Explore’s potential leader in Juba

Nevil returned to Juba and revisited the Bishop Gwynne College where they had put forward one candidate to manage Explore in the area. Garang is a young man but has a degree in theology, a background in discipleship, a love for Christ and a willingness to learn. After discussions, the Dean of Administration indicated that, as they were a university they would have to go through the right channels and interview the young man formally before they can appoint him.

Pray with us for grace over this process and that God would be glorified as the right people are appointed for such a time as this.

A surprising network is developing with a group of Theological students

In Juba, Nevil had the opportunity of meeting with a group of students, who are graduating with a Diploma in Theology on 12th December this year. After outlining the Explore course to them, they have all indicated that they are keen to take Explore to their churches when they go home. We have set up a WhatsApp group and we will track developments.

The networks we see opening before us through the trails of Africa are an encouraging and exciting prospect. We can only thank the Lord for His faithfulness and what a blessing it is for us to partner with what He is doing in South Sudan. It’s a priviledge for us, at Explore, to be on the frontlines. We’d love our partners, intercessors, and donors to realise that you are part of the hands and feet on the ground, God is using your stewardship of resources to touch the lives of households across the continent. May you be blessed!

Deeper into God’s Word, Wider into God’s World

“In summary, was it an easy trip? Definitely not! Will I go again? Probably not! But, will it have fruit? I am almost certain of that.” – Nevil Carrington

There are many ways you can partner with us and pray for those who are on the ground. If you long to see the Good News spread like wildfire across the African communities, then you are in good company. For more updates, and to join hands with the mission to put the Explore Correspondence Course in the hands of willing facilitators, disciples and disciple-makers visit our partnership page. For regular updates please sign up for our newsletter on the homepage of our website.